Thursday, December 10, 2009

When it rains, it pours

Okay, so the idea of putting on a new roof was already making my head spin. Then, over the weekend, it became apparent that we need a new furnace. Like, now. Which is kind of okay, sort of expected. I mean, it was original to the house, which was built in the 40's, so I really can't complain, right? Yes, seriously, that's how old the furnace is. And in the 22+ years I've been in my house, I've only had one repair on it (plus regular maintenance and such, because you have to do that), and that was at least 18 years ago. But really? Now? Do I have to? Pretty much, yes, I do. It's truly dying. Plus it's not very efficient. Not compared to what you can get today. I looked at the repair guy, who had been kind enough to come out on a Monday night without an extra after-hours charge, and said "I don't think the teenagers are going to like 'look, boys, we got a new furnace for Christmas!'". He laughed, so did I. But, seriously, who wants to hear that?
Then, I called my dad, just to commiserate. After a few minutes, he asks me how much equity I've got in the house. I'm thinking, you don't want to know because it'll make you jealous. I remind him how long ago I bought the place, and how much values have gone up. Basically, even if I'd never made any headway on the mortgage (and believe me, I have), I'd still have at least double the value in equity, just because I bought it so cheap. So, yeah, duh, since I have to do the roof AND the furnace, a Home Equity LOC might just be the ticket. I avoid debt as much as the next guy, but sometimes, you just have to go there. And if I'm going there, I'm doing something I WANT done. (yes, I'm a selfish spoiled what?) So, you'll be noticing some changes at my place. First up, a front porch. Oh yeah! Wanted one ever since I bought the house, actually got an estimate from my trusty contractor years ago, been sitting on the idea, hoping to make it happen "someday". Well, "someday "has finally arrived.
Applied for the loan, totally got it, (banks love me - I have enviable credit) and Ed is coming tomorrow afternoon to tell me just how soon we can make it happen. And, oh, I guess I'll arrange for the furnace, and choose a roofer, too. Until I decided to do the porch, the most exciting thing about this was going to be choosing the color for the shingles.
I promise, for this project, I'll take and post plenty of before, during, and after pics. The furnace replacement I expect might be boring, and the roof, too. But the porch project...well, I may have to ask someone to pinch me. I can't believe I'm finally doing it!

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