Monday, December 21, 2009

further porch musings

Over the weekend, I was talking with a friend about the dimensions of the porch, describing the roofing, etc. (he was very involved in building his house this year, and the house before this, so he's into that kind of thing), and he asks me why I'm not following the line of the house instead of doing the porch straight across. Hmmm. Interesting notion.
I'm sure the original idea is easier/cheaper. But now he's got me thinking. He has a good point, because it's possible it would help to make it look more like it came that way. Which is important to me. But if you follow the line of the house, build out x number of feet from the outer walls instead of letting the front of the porch be straight across, what do you do about the roof?
That's when I wished he hadn't said anything. Because of course what makes sense there, is to match and extend the gable over the north end, and change the pitch on the south end so you can extend the roof the full depth of the porch. I can hear that ching-ching noise in my head. Like a cash register, you know? Not the best sound right now.

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