Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's really, really big

The tree is mega bushy. It sort of is this humongous thing, dominating the room, and hitting your nose with a deeply piney scent that almost makes you sneeze, but not quite.

I like to choose my trees by scent, due to one year in which I happened across one of this variety and enjoyed the scent for weeks (and still have some of the needles, which put off a great scent when you crush them or shake the jar). So now I'm addicted to having this particular scent, though some years I can't find one.
When I stopped at the tree lot last night, the guy knew exactly what kind I meant when I mentioned the scent, and, though he was out of them, knew where I could find one. It's called a Grand, and the smell is out-of-this-world heavenly, They look like this close-up (wish we had a scratch-n-sniff feature on here - it would knock you out, seriously)
I did not get so far as putting lights on yet. I know, it's getting a bit late in the month for that, but that's how it goes. It will get done.

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