Monday, December 14, 2009

I think 10 is good

After measuring, contemplating, and holding up the hammock in it's future position, I think I'll have to go with the larger porch. The 10 foot end of it seems so very huge, but if I cut it back, the narrower end is too narrow. Plus, 2 feet less of grass to water and mow, that makes me happy. The price difference, without the extra roofing (because that's not Ed's department) is only about $250. That seems a small price to pay for having the room I've planned, as opposed to having maybe enough, but maybe not. See, my grandparents, when they built their home together, let the builder/contractor talk them into taking a foot (or there-abouts) off each of two sides of their dining room, and basically, they never got over it. They had to get a smaller table than originally planned, and even then, if you were back in the corner, everyone else had to get out so you could get out. Seriously. I don't want to save a little money just to curse myself for it every time I trip over a chair leg on my way to the car. I know, you're thinking 8 feet sounds like plenty of room to not trip over furniture on the porch. And it probably would be. It's the other end of it that would be too skinny. I have ideas/plans for how I want to use this space, and if it's too small, I'll just hate myself. Of course, if it looks like I've tacked on a huge garish thing on my cute small house, that'll be sad. I'm hoping it won't look like that. I'm pretty sure it won't. And I kinda don't care if it does, if I have the space I'm looking for. But only kinda.

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