Monday, December 14, 2009

more porch musings

Okay, so maybe I'm looking for reasons to make it bigger rather than smaller, but here's something else to consider:
I remember hearing once, about someone who put her quilt frame out on her porch, and had a pulley system so she could raise it up to the ceiling (that'd be just the frame part, the legs would be put to the side until they lowered it again) and out of the way when they were done for the day. This appealed to me, at the time, because I had put up a quilt out in the back yard (no room in my house big enough, as I lived in the basement then), in June/July, and had to one day run it in the garage to get it out of the rain. That was quite the adventure! Shortly after that, the quilt, still not finished, had to be removed from the frame and taken inside, where it was folded and stuffed away in a closet. It has moved to a couple different locations since then, but has never again been put on the frames to finish quilting. This is a sad thing for the quilt. I would like to remedy that. I do now live in the whole house, and the upstairs living room is plenty big enough (I think, but I haven't tried it) for the quilt frame. However, I think it would dominate the room, which one can't do indefinitely. Sadly, my 8 foot ceilings do not allow me to prop it up on end to get it out of the way, either. No, it needs somewhere else to be set up, somewhere out of the way, but also out of the weather. I think a big front porch is just the thing, don't you?

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