Monday, December 14, 2009

what is it with me and blower motors?

That's what's wrong with the furnace, the motor for the fan has a "dead spot", which basically is like having gears that have a tooth missing. If it stops at that point, it can't start up again, because something is missing in that spot. Basically.
I just found out that the same thing is wrong with the car. The fan on my air/heat stopped working a while ago, and we've just ignored it until I could take the car over. Took it over today, and after most of the day, they finally figure out that while everything should work, the blower motor just isn't. It's like an identical problem, just on a smaller scale. Roughly the same price to fix, though. Which is weird.
My brothers were saying that it used to be that you had one or two little motors, and you just hooked them up to whatever you needed to run at the time. Looks like not much has changed since then. A motor is a motor, apparently.
(note: while I will be replacing just the motor on the car, the age of the furnace dictates that I replace the entire furnace, as not all the parts are likely to still be available should something else go. But if I were to just replace the furnace fan motor, it would cost roughly the same as the replacement for my car's blower motor. which makes no sense, considering the size difference.)

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