Monday, December 14, 2009

not festive yet

I got a pre-lit fake tree at the school for only $20, part of a silent auction they had going. I actually have another fake tree, which I rarely used before. This one has multi-color lights, and my old one has clear/white. I just thought it might be cool to have one with multi-color, since I only have one string of colored lights, inherited from my grandmother, and I didn’t want to buy lights right now. I didn’t put it up yet, because Twin1 had suggested we do red and black for our ornaments this year, and I’d been headed in that direction. So, I don’t know yet, if we’ll get a real tree, and do the red and black, or if we’ll put up this new one and do whatever colors and ornaments strike our fancy. We’re not festive yet. I did get up in the attic, get out a few things, because I needed some Christmas cards, but I didn’t get out all the stuff yet. If I have to stay home with the furnace guy for a day, I’ll do it then. I’ve got most my gifts taken care of, though. Not all wrapped, but most are either ordered or already here, or finished, or whatever. Wrapping to do. always something.

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