Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Arty again

His body is done, the eyes are on, and I made one foot/leg. He's a little skewed to one side. I'm going to consider that "character", and not a "flaw". I still think he looks more like a hedgehog than an armadillo. Mine is also a lot rounder (fatter?) than her pictures. I don't think his name is Arty any more.

Note for the eyes: the designer sewed on beads, so her instructions have you adding the eyes last. I used safety eyes, which you need to put on before you stuff and close it, because they have a back that clamps them on. If you use safety eyes, put them on before you sc the shell to the tummy; it's hard to get your fingers in there after that.
You could put them on right before you start the shell, but that wouldn't be as fun as waiting until you're starting to stuff him, realizing you should have already put them on, unstuffing him, struggling to pinch the back onto that post when you can fit only two fingers in the opening, and nearly having to call in a teenager to help you because your hand just doesn't want to work in that position. Not that I'd know.
She doesn't specify where to put them. I'm sure she's thinking you'll just eyeball it (ha), which I'm sure you can. I, however, like instructions to be specific whenever possible. Centering is easy, because you left unworked loops on the face, centered over the nose. I fooled around with the placement, and finally put them in the row below the unworked loops, next to the 6th unworked loop (counted from the chin/tummy going up towards the forehead) on each side. Stick them in and take a look before you put the backs on, just in case. We don't want him to look like a Picasso, even if he is Arty.

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