Thursday, January 7, 2010


I still have to add the decorative buttons down the front, but only if I can find 3 more of that perfect one. Because there was only one of them, but it was exactly the right button. The Hancock Fabrics in West Jordan has 5 of them, and I had them put on hold, but how to find the time to run up there? (will insert picture of finished dress here, just as soon as my son gets the pics off the camera and onto the computer)

I confess, I finished my dress at the expense/risk of not doing the buttonholes for my 3 nieces dresses. I may be in trouble once mom/sis find out. On the other hand, if I manage to do those between picking up the boys from school and heading out for various appointments (and the Hen Party) this evening, they may never know I shafted them.

One problem: now I need shoes to go with...

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