Tuesday, January 5, 2010

almost done

I got about 2/3 done with the dress last night. I was doing pretty good, considering I had to baste the layers together before I could sew it, since I was doing two fabrics together as though they were one. Then I started on the sleeves, and found a HUGE flaw on one, right near the elbow. Had to get the leftovers out, position and cut a new sleeve. Bummer. That took a good-sized chunk of time. So the top is together, the sleeves almost ready to put in, and the skirt is together.
I need to: sew underarm seam and hem/cuff on sleeve (it's a two-piece sleeve, with a deep, turned back hem/slit kind of finish), sew sleeves to top, sew top to skirt, put in zipper, sew on facing for the collar, finish back skirt seam/slit, and hem skirt.
See? Almost done. Piece of cake.

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