Saturday, January 16, 2010

look what I made!

Had to use the right side of my brain this morning to make me feel better about going back to work (after being here until almost midnight last night). This pattern had been on my to-knit list for a while, so I decided it was time to do it.

In actual fact, the pattern is only for the plain knit ball. A good shape to know how to do. Some folks on Ravelry had taken the pattern and come up with this adorable owl in a sweater. But nobody posted the actual directions for the sweater part. So I printed the picture, and worked that part out for myself, making notes on the ball directions for when to change to ribbing, and when to bind off.
For anyone who's interested, I started 2x2 ribbing on round 13, and kept the ribbing pattern as I decreased, meaning, don't try to keep it as 2x2 ribbing, just knit the knits and purl the purls, even if that's only one stitch instead of 2 after you decrease. I ended after round 18, but try the sweater on the owl before you finish off, to be sure it covers enough of him. You could also use one size larger needles when making the sweater so it's actually bigger, but I think it fit just fine as it is. I didn't sew it on, it's just there. Maybe sew on if it's for a child, so you don't keep finding owl sweaters in the hallway.

Sorry for the blurry quality. Took these shots with my cell, which accounts for me actually posting a picture on here. Because shots taken with my nice digital typically stay there until it's full, at which point I beg Twin2 to empty the memory card to our computer. Then, they often stay on my computer at home until I beg my son to email them to me at work. (what? like you never post from your office?)

There is a pattern for a crochet version, every bit as cute. I just felt like knitting. Next time, I think I'll use bigger buttons for the eyes. Or maybe they just need to be closer together?

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Sarah said...

hahahha how cute! that would definitely cheer up my day!