Thursday, January 14, 2010

something's wrong with Disney

I saw the preview for Sorcerer's Apprentice on Christmas Day, when I went to watch Sherlock Holmes. To begin with, I thought that previews had to be approved for ALL audiences. On viewing again, I see that it says it's approved for "appropriate audiences". So, I guess maybe that's meant to cover what I hoped was something they overlooked in editing. But, 3 weeks later, it's still there. Not a mistake, though it's possible it's not in the movie, only in the trailer. I'm trying to be fair, here.
What it is, I can't repeat word for word. Because I don't use that word. Ever.
Watch the trailer, and you tell me, what does the kid say, as the ball of fire passes by him on the fire escape, right before he asks Nick Cage if he's insane. Go ahead, run it back to be sure. (Make sure you appreciate again that look on Nick Cage's face when he responds - I know I like watching that bit again. Weak in the knees, I admit.) And then, seconds later, there's the Disney logo. Why is that supposed to be okay?
Before you start thinking I'm a total prude, let me just say, I will likely still see the movie. I love Nick Cage, and Alfred Molina. I'm just disappointed.

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