Monday, January 4, 2010

the week ahead

My baby sister is getting married Saturday. I have cut out, and started to sew, my dress for the reception. I'm not worried. Really. It's a simple pattern. Midnight blue satin for the skirt, a silvery burnished velvet over silk shantung for the top. (It's the middle one of the bottom three on the pattern cover.)
I made the mistake of mentioning that I could make vests for my boys out of the leftovers from my dress, thinking they would both think that was lame. Not so. They both want a vest. I'm telling you, my dress comes first. Then, if I still have time, I will start on their vests. But not before. Seriously.
I finished the two little girl's dresses last night, so I'm off the hook with mom. At least until the flowers are here, at which time we'll need to make corsages and boutonnieres. And at some point, I need to help out with centerpieces, though I don't quite have the vision of what she has in mind there. (Wednesday? or maybe Thursday?)
I'm getting my hair dyed again tomorrow night, and Wednesday late-afternoon my sis has her endowment session at the temple, for which she's invited me to be her other escort.
Friday evening his family is doing a dinner, for which I think we have to set tables and such, but I'm not sure yet. Maybe we only have to show up? But what will I wear? Not the same dress I'll wear for the reception. Good thing I have that navy suit.
So it's tonight I'll be sewing my dress.
(But it looks like I'll have to miss Fab Fibers again this Thursday. Drat.)

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