Saturday, January 23, 2010

PB&J on white

I was crocheting a new project last night, a PB&J, from this great book I just got,

and suddenly, just after finishing the 3rd "bread" piece (you need 4 of them for a sandwich, because you sew 2 together for each piece of bread, so they aren't floppy), and found that I only had about a yard of white yarn left. Thing is, I remember when I bought that skein of Vanna. And I am pretty sure I can name everything I've used it for. It doesn't add up. Largest item I recall would be the vanilla swirl cone; but how much yarn can go into something only about 4" tall and 2" around at the base, tapering to a point? I used it for the eyes on Nubby, but not much went into that. The white bits on the fox, again, not much there. Middle of the failed Oreo, but that was just chain however many and then sc back. The popcorn was Sugar-n-Cream yarn. The garlic was in Fisherman, Wool-Ease. Baby socks were in a sport-weight. What else have I knitted or crocheted in white recently? It just doesn't seem like I could have used up the entire skein yet. What am I forgetting?
There I was, only minutes into a school program (that deserves a post all it's own), and out of yarn. Luckily, I had the crust, pb, and jelly colors there, so I did the crust on the 3 completed pieces, and then got about 1/2 the pb done before it was time to put it away. I had another skein of white at home, so I was able to complete the rest of the bread and put the layers together. I'm seriously going to make an entire loaf of sliced white bread for my friends' play kitchen (not a play kitchen for herself, you understand, it's for her grandkids). Hmm. How to do the heels? I'm gonna have to figure that one out for myself, I bet. And I'd like something better than a plain plastic bread sack to put it in. Except fabric isn't transparent, generally, and you should be able to see it through the sack, just like real bread. Sheer fabrics aren't going to be sheer enough. Vinyl is likely to rip at the seams. Shoot, I'll just have to do the sack in cotton, appliqued or stamped cute like a fancy bakery bread bag. It needs to be practical and easy-care more than anything. Or, I guess, I could just put it in a plain sack, twist tie and all, like real bread, and if/when the sack wears out, just get another. Easy enough. Except, "plastic bags are not toys" and all that. Grr.
Now, to design those heels...making one side in crust color doesn't quite seem enough...they'll need shaping...
How many skeins of white yarn do you think it will take to make a loaf of sliced bread?

DUH! Just realized where all that white yarn went! The eyeballs. I made 10 of them, 8 went in gift baskets, and mine are put away with the Halloween stuff in the attic. Well, that clears that up, anyway. I kept looking at all the stuff around the house, trying to remember if I'd gifted something that used a large amount of white.

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