Monday, January 25, 2010

a year of ami

I had this great idea this morning: Why not make an ami a week, and work through that alphabetically? I think it sounds like fun. If you did one per week, you'd have time in one year to make two items for each letter of the alphabet. I know we're already starting the 4th week of the year, but technically, you could start a year of anything at any point, just so you finish 365 days later. So, I'm going to do it, and you could join me!
Partly, my motivation for this comes from wanting to make so many cute things, and not feeling I have the time. But, you know how this goes, once you sit down and start something, you're done before you know it. It's the anticipation of the time involved that stops us starting a new project. Additionally, there is one pattern I've been dying to try ever since I found it online, which happens to be an armadillo.
I actually have, just last week, crocheted an apple wedge (from Tasty Crochet) and a cute alligator (from Vanna's Choice Easy Crochet Critters), so I could just say I've done "A" and move on to "B", but I'm too stuck on wanting that armadillo.
Here's the plan:
At the end of each week, I'll do a post showing the ami I've just completed, and announcing the ami for the next week so you'll have some time to gather your materials. Or start on it early, if you want.
Every ami will be a pattern featured online for free. I have plenty of pattern books at home, filled with cute stuff to make, but I also know how much free stuff is out there, and the only thing better than indulging in the fiber arts is indulging for free. (Free, because you have leftover yarn, and you already own the hooks and/or needles, though of course you'll need stuffing, and some kind of eyes.)
I will provide the link for the pattern, and, since I do both, I will direct you to both a knit and a crochet item whenever possible. They may not be the same animal, but both will start with the same letter of the alphabet. I realize that could be a challenge for me, but I'm willing to pursue it. (and I'm open to suggestions, so go ahead and find me cute stuff) Classification will be loose - I might do a slice of bread as "B" for bread, or "S" for slice, for example. I like all ami, not just cute animals, so I'll do some food (which is what started my obsession in the first place), and maybe some dolls or other toys, too. But all amigurumi. Faces on food are optional.
All projects will be small enough & easy enough for the average person to complete in an evening or two. I know I'm fast, but I also work full-time, so I've got only a few hours each evening to pursue my many hobbies. If I should happen to fall in love with something more complex, I'll either figure out a way to make it count for 2 letters, so we'd have 2 weeks to complete it, or I'll put up the link for that, and a link for something quicker, and let you choose.
For the second round, after we've done the alphabet once, we might need something more challenging, so we'll tinker with the "rules" a bit once we get there.
This week, it's Arty the Armadillo to crochetand Mrs Saucy Apple (scroll down her page, it's there) to knit. I haven't tried either yet, but if I find either need clarification as I go, I'll post that here, and would you do the same? Comment or send me a message. I did make the peach by the same artist as the apple, and that pattern was great.

*update* photos have been changed to those of my own creations, after-the-fact

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Sarah said...

OM-Gosh! What a great idea! I love it! Very cute creations so far!