Monday, February 1, 2010

apple-turned-tomato, new-and-improved apple, fuzzy bunny, and a rocket

First, the rocket. My most awesome nephew N celebrated his birthday Saturday, and as his aunt, I naturally wanted to make him something really cool. A couple months ago he'd told me his most favorite thing was rockets, so I'd filed that away in my brain for later. Then proceeded to ignore all promptings to make said rocket, because I still had plenty of time.


Friday, I get an email from his parents inviting us all to come have cake Saturday night. After contemplating for a few minutes what nifty present I could procure for my awesome nephew, it hits me: ROCKET. The one I was supposed to have already made for him, so as not to be rushed when the day finally arrived.

At least I already had the pattern, and the required colors of yarn. So no problem!

No, really, it was easy. And fast. And turned out uber cute:
He LOVED it! I sincerely apologize to other gift-givers who may have felt unappreciated. I'm sure he'll play with your gifts later. (seriously, because he got some cool stuff - Spiderman stickers, Where's Waldo books, a stretchy-spiky ball, and some other stuff - all very cool)

(while trying to find this pattern again so I could give you the link, I ran across this not-free pattern for many things space-related, that I may just have to treat myself to later - that flying saucer is to die for!)

Now, the fuzzy bunny:
Because I'm an overachiever, I had to try out the tea cup bunny in a fuzzy yarn I happened to have. Nice thing about fuzzy yarn, you can't tell if you messed up. Hard thing about fuzzy yarn, you can't tell where your stitches are, so you mess up a lot. It turned out...cute and fuzzy. But I know it's got some weirdness in there. And his ears are way too long. I tried to rip them back so I could make them shorter, but fuzzy yarn doesn't undo so well, and I had to leave them all long and curly. He fits in a tea cup, but there's not much room left. Next one will be better, I'm sure.

Last, the improved apple, and the apple-turned-tomato:
See? The original apple really looks better as a tomato, and the improved apple could use a MUCH bigger leaf. But isn't the color better? And the shape. Looks like math wins, because it did work out, and the shape looks more like an apple, less like a ball.

I guess this means our curious Arty was in The Big Tomato, not The Big Apple. What city would that be?

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