Monday, February 22, 2010

the eel gives me the shivers, and the pork pie isn't quite...

something, I don't know. I can't quite figure out the pork pie pattern. But I'm pretty sure this:

is never going to be this:It's unclear as to whether I'm working flat or in the round, for one. I am beginning to suspect not in the round (that's my 3rd attempt, above). Even though the directions never say to sew up the side, only to cinch the bottom. I'm willing to try working flat, and doing just what it says. Maybe this is one of those things that is just sort of overlapped or left open, or something? I can tell you, her decreases are too abrupt to get the straight-up sides she's showing in her photo, though. So, while I'm trying it again without working in the round, I'm also sort of redesigning it, basically writing a new pattern, sort of based on some cupcakes that turned out well for me, but also using the same base numbering as the pork pie. Should have something more to share later in the week. (that'll be my second self-published pattern!) Mine will have pretty leaves. And maybe a fancy twisty edge.

Why design my own? Because I really really really want a pork pie in my fiber food collection. And I want to conquer this. I hate unfinished business.

Mr Eel, on the other hand, went very well. Snuffykins has GREAT designs, very well-written patterns (to think, I found her only because I was looking for Doctor Who related ami patterns!), and good tutorials. (side note: when working the foundation chain, she says to do hdc, and her tutorial shows you sc. not to worry, just do a yo before starting the sc portion of directions, and leave it on hook until you would have pulled through the last two, and pull yarn through all three. easy peasy.)I was considering making this guy in pink, maybe in orange, or purple, as well as this "natural" version. I can't think now why I wanted one that was realistically colored. (Although, his 70's inspired belly and back fins make him a little comical, don't you think?) But I don't think I'll be making any more.
See, there is a problem with Mr Eel: You work him from the nose to the tail, and you've got to put in the eyes while you're at that end, or you can't get your fingers in there to fasten the backs. You also sew on the short fins before you get too far past that point, to make that easier as well. So picture that his head is all done, eyes looking at you,
and you're continuing toward the tail, working around and around. This head/body wiggles, upside down, facing your belly-button, while you work. Now, maybe I've just been watching Stargate too much, or seen Alien too many times, but as I'm working, I look down at this, and the effect is almost too much for me. I mean, this eel is basically swimming in the air, towards my belly. That thing wanted IN, I'm telling you! I was getting queasy just thinking about it.
Maybe I shouldn't have chosen such realistic colors? Or used those brown eyes with the black center, which look more real than solid black? It's kind of creepy. My office-mate thinks so, too. I handed it over for her inspection this morning, and she shivered just looking at it.


Anonymous said...

The shot of just the head and fins of the eel looks like the start of a really good salamander.

Anonymous said...

I really LOL'ed reading your blog. That is creepy, having the eel pointing at you. Thanks for pointing that out about the hdc, I'll have to figure to amend the pattern. But you figured it out, all the same, yays.