Tuesday, February 23, 2010

snuffykin was here!

Snuff.Y.Kin! for real! she visited, and read my blog, and LOL'd, and left a comment! I was so charmed when I saw she'd been here, I walked around in a daze. Because she's just so awesome with her designs and her blog is always fun.

And, well, she's SNUFFYKIN!

But what did she find when she got here? Oh, yeah, "the eel gives me the shivers". Nice. Of me, I mean. What is wrong with me? I go over there, to snuffykin's journal, and I tell her I finally made the eel, after admiring it for over a year, and invite her to come see pictures, and she comes all the way over here (from sunny CA), and I tell her I can't make any more, because it's too creepy?!?

(It is, though. Creepy. It's looking at me right now. Maybe looking a little sad and unloved, too.)

I did say how good her pattern was, at least. Which it is. Seriously, try any of her designs, you won't be confused.
And her shaping on this eel - I should have mentioned it before - it's so clever; I was amazed at how it made the body go wavy, just with increases and decreases opposite each other. Did you look at that (if you weren't too creeped out by the eyes)? Take another look:

That's all done with basic increase and decrease (BTW, see her notes on "invisible decrease", which I used on this eel, and try it yourself - it's so much better), and it goes all curvy and wavy, and gradually narrows to that nice upward-slanted pointy tail. None of the curviness of this animal is from manipulating it later, it's all built in with the stitches. Which is just so awesome, and part of why I've admired the eel, and snuffykin's other designs, for so long. She has even translated some Japanese patterns for us (one of which we'll be doing later in the Year of Ami), and that takes some serious work. How can you not admire her? And what do I do? I insult her design. I should be severely scolded.

(Incidentally, the head of this eel, when seen face-on, makes me think "walrus", though I'm not sure why. And where you would go from there for the rest of it, I don't know. But that's what comes to mind.)

I'm making another, in hot pink, with normal solid black eyes. I'm sure that can't be creepy. Right?

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