Saturday, February 20, 2010

HAD to buy this pattern!

A while back, my good friend Liz (incidentally, the friend responsible, in large measure, for my current Amigurumi obsession and passionate return to hook and needle), posted about some cute Christmas gifts she was making (and she did a TON of things, in a very short time), including an adorable crocheted mixing set, wire whisk and all.

I admired (lusted after?) this gift in particular, and of course clicked through to the Etsy site to see what else this designer had. What she has, is a bunch of super cute patterns, let me tell you!

Well, at the time, I couldn't decide what I wanted most, and my boys (boys, mind you, not girls) are mostly grown, not the "pretend play" sort of children so much as the "video game" sort, so the "toys" would be for nieces, nephews, and the like (assuming I could stand not to have them anymore). Giving such things to those family and friends, who are not in your own household, has the one major drawback of this adorable creation no longer being somewhere you can see it all the time. So, perhaps, you can understand my hesitation, never mind how freaking adorable all this gals stuff is.

But just today, at Annie's Attic, I came across an entire booklet of KTBDesigns cool playtime toys, in downloadable format, so I didn't have to wait for it to come in the mail. This booklet included not only the mixing set, but a tool set, shopping set, gingerbread set (I love gingerbread cookies!), breakfast set, and more. What a deal!

I'm so psyched!

Except, oh, no, I want her Beach Trio, and her Art Supplies (which includes a crochet artist figure!), and her Tugboat, and her Baked Apples, and the Pie Set, and Playtime Pastries, (are those cherry cordials leaking? they are! she's so clever...)


Liz said...

Oh yes. I love her stuff. I have the pie set pattern and have always wanted to make it, but haven't had the time. So cute! I also have the tulip's and pot pattern. I made that one for Margie's little girl and it turned out so cute! I just came across her stackable rings pattern and I have to have it!! Her stuff is so fun and creative. I love that you found a book. Much cheaper that way. I love your blog btw. You're making some really cool stuff.

bookette said...

Liz, you have the pie set? I so want to try it! we should do it together.
I like her stacking toy, too, if you just want plain, but the one on Lion Brand is cuter, and free:
unless you don't like the pond creature theme of it, but I kind of do. It's on my list of gifts to make for, well, somebody, soon.