Monday, February 15, 2010

into the woods

My twins will be in their school production of Into the Woods this year. Twin1 is the Mysterious Man, and Twin2 is the Wolf.
I've not seen this play, though I know the basic story.
I'm excited to work on this with them, like I did with last year's play, Guys & Dolls.
Last year, my boys signed me up to work on the costumes, and I ended up being there for all-day dress rehearsals, and all the nights of the play (it was even held over!) as unofficial "wardrobe mistress", helping out in one of the dressing rooms, and running errands so the director could do his job. I missed almost a whole week of work. It was a blast.
I suggested that I'd like to help out with costumes again, and they seemed surprised. But really, I need the volunteer hours (they go to a charter school, and that's a requirement), and I so enjoyed helping out back stage.

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