Tuesday, February 16, 2010

more Dodeca fun

what is that?!?


or half a Dodecahedron? (or is it just bad lighting? my camera's flash is busted, has been for I don't know how long)

I'm excited to be past the half-way point on this project. (if you didn't figure it out already, dodecahedron = 12 sided)

I found a mistake in the pattern, though, when I got to the 6th Point. It says to pick up and knit 11 sts on the left side of the 5th point (okay), then 11 sts on the remaining side of the 1st point (good so far) and then another 11 sts on the right side of the 5th point (what?!?). If I did that, wouldn't it get all twisty? Yes, it would. Instead, you should be picking up and knitting 11 sts along the right side of the 2nd point. (in my photo, the 5th point is the one over on the right, 1st one is in the center, the 2nd point is the one with the tan star on the top, over to the left, the 6th point, the one you're making at this point in the directions, is the one at the top right - so you can visualize what stitches I picked up where). I know for a fact you don't want to twist it around and pick up more stitches on the 5th point, because right after that, they tell you you'll have a center point surrounded by 5 points, which, you can see in my picture, is what I have after picking up the stitches from the 2nd point.

I actually emailed the website about this mistake, as it's in the original pattern as well. So far, I've gotten two emails thanking me for taking the time, and saying they'll have someone check it and get back to me.

I seriously should beta-test patterns for a living. I take directions so literally, and I have no problem doing EXACTLY what it says to do, even if I question the sanity of the author. I've ended up with some bizarre mistakes that way, but I've also managed to complete things that others were totally baffled by, simply because I took the directions on faith. I wonder how much a job like that would pay? Or maybe they could just pay me in yarn?

Will start the crochet version soon. I've had a few other things I've been working on, including my long-neglected Grass Green oversize cable shrug (I can't tell you how many ways I went wrong doing those cables. I was somehow confused when I started, and too far along when I realized I'd goofed. It still looks nice, though, and that's not why it was neglected - just a big project, which I have to tackle in smaller doses) and a little Doctor Who doll (the other D thing I almost put into this challenge, which of course I'm making anyway, because the folks at my place dearly love all things Doctor Who), along with a Very Twee* Knitted Bunny.
See? Isn't he adorable? He's just about 2" long, and I think he's much cuter than my first one.

Yarn I'm using for Dodecahedron is Sensations Soles & More, in Grn/Blu/Ylw (or some nonsense color name like that - they are not using their imaginations). I made one substantial (meaning not short) pair of socks from 2 skeins, and I am only just now on to the second ball of leftovers. Should be able to finish with what I've got, which is always nice. I like using up leftovers. I don't like having to buy more because I ran out doing the non-essential something. Because then I have more leftovers.

Twee Bunny was made in that subtle grey stripe (Moda Dea something) I made mention of earlier, when I was wishing I hadn't cast on 4o stitches in worsted, but couldn't find my sock yarn leftovers. Found them, in a little orange tote, on my bed, under/behind some needlework. Why? Ummm. Because I knit socks in bed when I was first learning? You understand, of course, that as I have no hubby, the other side of the bed is taken up with books, projects, magazines, extra blankets, and other such bedtime-companions-for-singles. I've been told that I'm not leaving any room for anyone else, so until I do, that's how it will be. Possible. But, I like my Anne Tyler books (currently re-reading The Tin Can Tree), and my needlework projects. And my Twee Knitted Bunny.

*Twee, as far as I can tell, is UK-speak for cute and dainty. I think.

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