Friday, February 5, 2010

'nother pair of Bella Mittens, more slippers

Made the Bella Mittens for a friends' niece. I didn't start them until Sunday, when I finally got 'round to winding the yarn into balls. I had a little delay in starting, because she got worsted and I needed chunky, but as it turned out, there was enough yardage to do two strands. It didn't even tangle while I worked with it, which surprised me. (see Hemp Yarn Tangle of Doom) Just one more thing to love about baby alpaca. Because the warmth and softness aren't enough, right? A dream fiber, seriously.

These are for smaller hands, and they look it. I like the color, too. (pictures later...I hope - because I forgot to take a picture, but I asked my friend to do that and send to me)

Totally surprised her by having them done last night, just knitting the second thumb, weaving in ends, and handing them over to her right at the beginning of Fab Fibers.

I then started into crocheting another pair of slippers. Because 2 of them were too small, and I had planned to make some for me at some point anyway. Glad the hemp came in time - I'll be going up there tomorrow, and I'd like to at least leave her with the pair that goes to Texas, if I can. Got the other skein wound into a ball, and got one sole done before it was time to go. Not bad, for a couple of hours work.

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