Friday, February 5, 2010

Year of Ami, week 3, C is for Cherries

I dithered over what to do for "C". I have some patterns for cake slices I'd like to try. I have cute cupcake patterns (but have already tried most of them, and I'm trying not to do stuff I've already done, hence the "challenge"), and I recently found a terrific knitted cat pattern (not the usual thing, nothing with a teddy-bear shape - it's really cool), but that one is a bit complex, and I've got some slippers I need to do ASAP, and it's busy at work, so I decided to go for something really small. (I think I'll do that knitted cat on the second run through the alphabet, though - it's just too cool to pass up.)
Plus, with Presidents Day coming up, Cherries are seasonally appropriate.

*update* pictures are of my own creations, added after-the-fact

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