Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday Gift Scenario 1

It went like this:

Brother4 emails me and asks what Twins want for B-day. I give him the short list, tell him what is probably already taken care of, and also suggest that they would love anything from Which is true.

A few minutes later, he emails back, asking if they would enjoy the Titanium Spork. If they didn't already have one, that is. (Possible in our family.)
I say that, no, they don't have one already, and yes, they would love one.

And here's where it gets truly geeky:

Brother4 replies that he'll go ahead and get those, then, because "ThinkGeek has this slide rule which I've always wanted."

Yeah, you read that right. My brother has always wanted a slide rule.

Even more geeky: the Twins both LOVED their sporks.

Beyond geeky: by the time we celebrated their birthday, Brother4 had already learned to do some slide-rule calculations.

This? is my family. And I love it.

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