Monday, March 15, 2010

hot dogs having issues

Just started on this project, and already I have a problem.

I skipped making the bun, and started with the dog itself. Think what you want about that - I justify my choice by reasoning that, should I run short of time this week - as is wont to happen when it's tax season, I will still manage to make the hot dog - even if it's just the dog.


After working the specified 13 rounds of plain sc, the darn thing is only as long as my index finger: Which, if memory serves me, is a tad short for even a cheap hot dog. It's a great size for, oh, I'd say, link sausage. Like what you might use to make pigs-in-blankets. Wrong color, right length.

Squinting at the pictures, I count at least 23 rounds plain sc, I think.

Left a comment for the designer. Will update when I know what's what.

There is another crochet hot dog pattern, from Beansprout Creations, and her dog has 29 rounds of sc. I like Bittersweet's bun better, so that's why I went with that one. But for reference, we could go with that length. Beansprout also has nice directions in her pattern for the mustard/ketchup squiggles, if you're at a loss for how to do those.

I'm using Vanna in Brick for my hot dog. Pretty good color choice, I think.

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