Thursday, March 25, 2010

inedible temptation

The knitted ice cream was almost as easy as the crocheted version. I did the sugar cone for this one, and chose chocolate for the ice cream color.
If you are doing the classic scoop (the same one I did here), and want to knit in one piece, leave your dbl pnts in the cone (don't forget to turn it inside out) holding the stitches until you are ready to attach the ice cream part. You won't need to leave the long tail when you start. Knit the ruffled bit of the ice cream on a circular (trust me, it's easier that way - 80 stitches in worsted don't like to stay on 3 dbl pnts) thru round 6, then, working with your dbl pnt needles, knit the stitches of round 7 together with the stitches from the last round of your cone. ie: Insert your needle through one stitch each of scoop and cone, knitwise, yarn over, and slip both stitches off their respective needles as you complete the stitch.

I was totally going to make another, and take pictures of how this works, knitting the stitches of the cone together with the stitches of the scoop, but my size 6 circulars are busy right now:
(like how I snuck that in? I had to get this shot anyway, because it's just so funny to me)

I started stuffing after this point, and continued as I closed up the scoop. (Yeah, right back to ice cream here, like nothing fishy happened at all.)
I kinda think that ruffle is a bit much. It needs a little something there, since real ice cream has that little edge from the scooper. This just seems like overkill to me. I might have to try another, do fewer rounds before decreasing for the main body of the scoop.

I also want to figure out how to do the double scoop in one piece, if that's possible.

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LollyChops said...

I kinda like the ruffle myself! This scoop is totally awesome! I want to learn to knit... so bad.