Friday, March 26, 2010

more Lolly fun

Never mind how busy I am, I couldn't help myself, AGAIN, and I found myself racing for the sewing room as soon as I got home, just so I could make these awesome Lolly-style flowers!

This one might just be my favorite:I finally just gave it up, and made one in fabric I actually wear, instead of trying to make it be like something I think another crafty-type person would dig. I used scraps from one of my favorite skirts, so I know what I can wear this one with! The skirt is nothing special, the fabric is just a dark brown twill, but it fits just so, and I get tons of compliments when I wear it. One of the few "magic" wardrobe items in my closet. I keep re-making that same pattern, Simplicity 5914, it just works out so well for me.

This next one is in paper:I don't do a lot of paper crafts, except for origami, some rockin' magnets, and an occasional card for someone special. So I don't have much at home in the way of cute papers. I did have some, though, and I leafed through until I landed on this one, and it seemed right to my 11pm tired brain. I like how it turned out. The center is actually my attempt at another Lolly flower, but I made it super small, and they were sitting next to each other, and I popped the small fringy thing into the center of the pretty yellow buttercup, and there you have it!

I could not find (ie: didn't look for) my floral wire and tape, so it's just a sittin' flower for now.

Any of the flowers from Lolly's Week of Wall Flowers would look great adorning this awesome necklace:

I found the tut for this on Tatertots & Jello. The flower on this is just one of my silk flower pins I had hanging around. I think it needs something more, maybe. Twin1 says it just needs the right outfit. I keep trying it, but nothing so far. Possibly because my warm-weather clothes are away in storage right now. Possibly because it's not in fabric that goes with my boring business suits. I'll have to make another, maybe in black houndstooth. Or black velvet. Or black whatever. Or in scraps from that magic skirt.

Or maybe it just needs a Lolly-style flower:

And hey, guess what? Lolly showed off some of my flowers! Seriously! I'm blushing...

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LollyChops said...

Wow... I love how you took the fringe flower and turned that into the center for the other flower! You are brilliant!!!

I'd like to feature your latest creations next week as well!

HUGS Bookette!