Tuesday, March 30, 2010

joyfull jelly

He was super quick, and super easy, didn't you think?

The copy I worked from had a mistake, but I checked this morning, and it's been corrected. Probably was corrected a long time ago. So in essence, no problems.

I did start mine using the magic ring, instead of ch 2. But that's personal preference, really.

I used 6mm eyes, and placed them below round 4, about 6 stitches apart. I skipped doing the rest of the facial features.

When I did the tentacles, I used stitches from round 12 to work around. I left a long tail, looped the yarn through and did my chains, and cut that off and pulled tight. Then, back up at the underside of the jelly, I looped the tail through again and tied it off tightly, so they can't get pulled out by curious children. When all tentacles are done, first trim the ends left on the chained parts, then trim the tail ends to a similar length. I thought I might like it better if he had curly chained tentacles, but after trying one, I decided that was too much for his little frame, and I did what the designer intended.

In order to get him to look like hers, you'll need to dent in the bottom a little. So make sure you stuffed him very lightly, or this could be tough.
Take a piece of yarn, about 18 inches long, and thread on yarn needle. Secure yarn in center bottom, leaving a long tail like the tentacles. Bring it up through the center, and over one stitch at top, then down through to center bottom again, pulling it up tight enough to pull up the bottom, but not dent the head. Secure yarn, and repeat. Leave a long tail again on the underside.
I like how it turned out. Probably took me all of an hour to make, including do-overs on the tentacles.
I used Caron Simply Soft, in Lavender Blue.


Anonymous said...

I love this one.

Liz said...

He's cute.