Saturday, March 27, 2010

last of the Lolly flowers

Yet again, Lolly's projects were so cute, I could not help myself. I actually reached into my knitting bag at the office (believe me, if you knit, you keep stuff just about everywhere, because you never know when you'll have a minute) and pulled out, not the cheery red yarn (being knit into another fish), no, not even the pale lavender (not yet anything), or the white (being crocheted into bread slices), I pulled out my beige yarn, and my F hook, and crocheted this adorable rose:I honestly cannot say what made me choose the beige over those other colors. Except maybe just the general appeal neutrals have for me, or the notion that those other colors would clash with the rest of the flowers I've made this week.
(The white yarn is another story altogether. I'm curious to see how many slices of bread I can crochet from one skein, because, if you recall, I've run out of white yarn twice while making slices of bread (this sounds so weird), and while I explained the first shortage, I can't figure the second, and I started to wonder just how much yarn each piece takes, so I'm determined to find out. That skein is sacred.)

I crocheted the butterfly after I got home, not having either the steel hook, or the crochet thread, to hand at the office. (I hate being unprepared, don't you?)Isn't that adorable? That tiny (1" wingspan) little butterfly is just about the cutest thing EVER, in my opinion. And could not have been easier, seriously. That's a brassy-color crinkled thread, found lurking in my stash. I've no clue where I got it, or what it is, but it appealed to me in terms of "butterfly".

For this next one, I made the butterfly first, in this lovely pale green (hey, look at that, it's the same color as Lolly's...), and then looked around for the right color to perch it on. In person, this is even brighter pink. It's Simply Soft, in Watermelon. Same F hook, but this rose is a bit smaller. And, coincidentally, also the same color as Lolly's. Wonder how that happened?I've had so much fun following along with Lolly this week!
Here are all the flowers I made:
See how that fuchsia flower just doesn't fit in? Yeah. But I still LOVE it! I'm considering sewing that to the top of a knitted cupcake, in place of frosting, as a fanciful tea party sort of cupcake. I can just see how cute that would be, boxed up like real bakery cupcakes. (shoot, another project to add to my endless list)

There are a few flowers I didn't get to yet, so this is probably not really the "last of the Lolly flowers" for me. Once I dig out my floral wire and tape, I'm betting I'll have a bunch more to show off.

In other news this week for me:

Every time the Twins found me in the sewing room, and asked what I was doing, the answer was, "Lolly flowers". For some reason, they found this answer unsatisfactory.

In between crafting with Lolly, I managed to knit another fish. One of six I intend to donate to the school fundraiser which takes place May 1. I'm optimistic, but realistically, I'm not sure that was a feasible goal.

I finished reading The Help. LOVED it. Seriously, read it. You won't be sorry. It's heartbreaking at times, but, oh, so good.

Twin2 is spending the day today at a Youth In Harmony Festival, which a neighbor was good enough to take him to. Twin2 is a baritone, and a good one, too.

I filled out my tax return. It was depressing. I can't bring myself to file it yet.

For the first time this school year, I didn't have to leave work to pick up the Twins from school. A generous donor got my boys bus tokens to last them to the end of tax season so I can stay at the office and get more work done. I feel like I'm at work all the time now, but somehow, only ended up with a few hours of overtime this week. Might have something to do with various family members dropping in for their tax returns (it's okay, guys, that's what I'm here for), or something to do with taking actual lunch breaks to eat (craft?). Whatever it is, I promise, it'll get better next week.

Finally, my DVD of Fantastic Mr Fox was waiting for me when I got home last night. Even better the second time. That movie is infinitely quotable, so odd, and just a truly fantastic movie. Definitely *different*.

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