Friday, March 19, 2010

Random Thoughts of an Almost-Spring Morning

My daily commute takes me past a Kneaders Bakery. Kneaders is also a sandwich/soup shop.

This morning, the sign advertising their specials reads, "White Rabbit Steamer".

What first runs through my head is "Fatal Attraction". I suddenly have this vision in my head of that poor white bunny in the big steaming soup pot. I'm thinking, well, I won't be having lunch there anytime soon. Not sure I want my breakfast now, either. This all runs through my head very quickly.
In an effort to think the best of folks, I pursue a line of thought that makes this sign okay, first landing on "springtime" as an excuse, considering briefly that they are selling some kind of bunny-inspired Japanese steamer basket which you could use to revive stale bread at home. This seems too far-fetched. But for the life of me, I can't picture what kind of food item could justify this name, or how they envision it works for the rest of us. Directly below this dubious item had been "latte" - which I reason could be a clue.

It's a full two blocks before it hits me.


As in, the White Rabbit, the tea party, Alice in Wonderland. Which I have not yet seen in it's latest Tim Burton incarnation.

I wondered, did they consider that? The possibility that a passing potential customer could 1) not have seen this film yet, and 2) may not know they now sell such things as steamed milk and lattes?

Makes my entire morning when I walk in to work to find they've gotten us Kneaders for breakfast.

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