Friday, March 19, 2010

Helpful Hot Dog Hints

The knitted hot dog is so simple, so foolproof, there's not much to tell. I just wanted to see how many "H" words I could use in my title.

Finally cast on last night, and within a couple hours, I had a string of 3: Didn't bind off, as I want at least 6 before I consider it done. This morning I decided I wanted a single as well, so I grabbed the other end of the skein and cast on for another.

It's a little on the thin side,I was running short of stuffing. This looks so skinny, I may have to poke some more in there later. I never do seem to learn to re-fill my stuffing bag before taking off with my knitting; there's really plenty at home. Perhaps I need to have a Magic Drawer at work, like MochiMochi? Except, if I'm at work, I'm at my office, which is not so much a fiber design studio as it is a professional accounting office, and my bosses might thinking a drawer full of stuffing is just too weird.

Vanna in Brick again. I count 40 rows total for my single, which measures 6" in length, including the little knotted sausage ends. Stuff as you go, a little bit at a time. I used my tail from my cast-on to tie up the first end. Thread that tail inside and come out in the 3rd row, then run the yarn over and under the stitches of that same row. Pull it tight, wrap the yarn around a couple times, tie off, and thread the end back inside. I used the cast-off tail for the other end, same process.

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