Wednesday, March 3, 2010

something's fishy

I'm having some issues with the Goldfish pattern. I've emailed the designer, so I hope to have clarification soon. I've seen some other blog posts (thru Ravelry) about the same pattern errata, so I'm pretty sure it's not just me, but I hope she can make the corrections for the rest of us out here.
Basically, there are two issues so far:
On the ribbed tail, I've decided she meant to have us decrease (I love that she says "delete", like it's a computerized thing) only one stitch each end. Otherwise, you get a much shorter, much wider tail than the one pictured (which you could call a variation, I suppose), and you can't arrive at 10 stitches remaining. (40-4=36, 36-4=32...on down thru 20-4=16, 16-4=12 - you're not going to get to 10 that way. Isn't math fun?)
Then, on the body increases, hers look evenly distributed, but the instructions aren't written that way. I am pretty sure you should have increases on either side of both markers, and on each end of each "half". To make that easier to put in pattern terms, especially as someone might use dbl points (and therefore have stitches divided on three needles, not two) I'd have you place a marker every 5 stitches, and then say to do increases either side of each marker, every other row.
Waiting with baited breath and poised needles for her reply. As I'm sure we all are.

*update* Got email from designer. She says yes, to both my guesses on pattern errata, as noted above. So I'm back into it, knitting away, and should have a cute little blue fishy to show off soon!

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