Thursday, March 18, 2010

What color is your hot dog?

I tried one out in Rust,and it's just not right. It looks like a boiled hot dog. Not so appetizing, to me. I know that if I lived somewhere that had hot dog vendors on the street corners, a boiled dog is what I'd be used to, visually. But I don't. And I don't boil mine. I grill them, or I microwave them. And I don't tend to buy plain - they're usually the polish dogs. Or at the very least, all beef, and therefore more towards red than not.

I finished my version in the Brick color I started with:and I think it's fairly realistic, if a bit on the stumpy side. I suppose you could say it's kid-sized.

A little tip for you: start by making the bun, and adjust the length of the dog to fit. I ended up doing 20 plain rounds. Have not had a message back from designer yet, but this isn't a big deal. You can always add or subtract rounds, and gauge is sort of a personal thing, unique to each of us, and for me, tends to change depending on my mood. You can kind of see that right here - the dog is puffier towards the left, at the end of the piece.

The bun is super cute: Leave a long tail when you finish the white part, and use that to stitch the two parts together around the edge. Once they're both assembled, stitch them together, using a whip stitch, along one side. On mine, I stitched along the center 14 stitches only. I used white, but I think beige might hide better from the outer view. A little too puffy for realism, in my mind. I think if I made more, I'd cut it back a row, maybe even two, on the beige portion to make a flatter bun. As is, it makes the perfect fiber Twinkie, if you did the white part in beige as well, or the entire thing in pale yellow, and added some white dots on the flat part. I see some Twinkies in my play food future, definitely.

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