Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Katamari Birthday Cake

I had this idea weeks before their birthday. I loathe all things video game, but I know how much the Twins love them, and this game especially. I knew it was the right cake for them, to show my love. (For those not familiar with this game, google it - I can't explain - I'm not a fan, I don't play, I am just aware of the game and it's objects.)

With my sisters recruited to Team Birthday Cake, the secret plan was on.

I have the Wilton Ball cake pan - and have used it and used it, for so many cakes, I don't even know anymore. Last year, a beach ball for my niece. A few years back, a Golden Snitch for my Harry Potter obsessed boys. There is nothing you can't do with a nice ball shape cake.

I knew it would be easy, but I needed the right confection to use for the little nubs. I pondered that for a while. I didn't want to make an extra sheet cake and cut out my own little circles, though I would, if that was all we could do. I was certain there would be something in the snack cake aisle that would be the right size and shape. And there was! Ever heard of 100 cal pack Twinkies? They come in a box of 6 pkgs, each pkg has 3 little round Twinkies, about 2" in diameter. Exactly the size we needed. (they do NOT taste like a Twinkie. consider yourself warned.)

We got a bit of a late start Friday (family celebration to take place Sat noon), and were up until about 3 am. We had tons of fun choosing stuff to stick into it. Some of it was new, some of it came from this drawer of assorted happy meal toys and such, which I'm sure I should have tossed ages ago, but just haven't gotten to yet. Yes, we washed the toys before sticking them in.

This is how it turned out:

Note Catwoman on the lower right, about to fight with Jackie Chan, just on the other side of that nub. And the headless Strawberry Shortcake just to the right of center. Her head is on there somewhere, too. On the upper left, TRex is ready for ice cream, with his little tasting spoon.

I have other views of this, other angles, but this is my favorite.

The celebrants got to take home whatever was on their piece of cake, if they so desired.

Wondering just how you cut and serve a cake like this? You just start scooping chunks out with your cake server.

And the Twins? They totally loved it.


Sarah said...

Too funny! I discovered your blog from Lollychops today on the same day that another blog I follow posted a crocheted Katamari Ball! I think you must be destined to make this!

bookette said...

wow - my twins would love that! I'll have to bust out my hooks and yarn this weekend. thanks for the link!