Saturday, March 20, 2010

Year of Ami, week 9, I is for Ice Cream!

I've crocheted some ice cream cones before, but this Chocolate Pie & Ice Cream pattern from Coats & Clark is new to me. Go ahead and crochet that chocolate pie while you're at it - this one looks somehow nicer than a lot of fiber pies I've seen. Must be that cute little crust ruffle.

I've knitted one lovely swirl cone from I Like Lemons Scooped pattern, that looks so good, it's tempting to bite that little curly top right off.

I know I am supposed to be making stuff I haven't made before, but I'm going to include these in the challege anyway, as I haven't made this particular crocheted cone, or indeed even this style of crocheted cone, and have only made the one knitted variety.

I promise, I'll do one of the others from the knitted collection, I won't just put up pics of the finished one and tell you all how easy and fast it was. Even though it was. Both fast and easy - I made it in one sitting, at Fab Fibers. I was working on something else, but I'd grown bored with it, so instead, I pulled out the Scooped pattern and my trusty Vanna in white and beige, and before I knew it, I had ice cream.

*update* pics of my own creations added after-the-fact for reference

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