Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bright Star

I rented this from Netflix, and was able to watch it last night. About the poet John Keats (a thing of beauty is a joy forever) , and the love of his life. So very romantic. The music alone is enough reason to watch this one.
Add to that the fact that, even though theirs was described as a great passion, there is nothing in this movie you couldn't let your kids watch.
He had no money, believed himself to be a failure. They were clearly in love, but could not marry, because he had no way to support her. How terrible would it have been, if he'd married her anyway, and lived with her family? Instead, everyone tries to do things in the "right" way. He may have been penniless, but he did nothing wrong, while others of his circle behaved as men were expected to behave, because they have "needs". He had a conscience.
Of course, this is only one director's notion of the events, born out of a biography, and the love letters he wrote to her (hers to him were destroyed upon his death). It is a beautiful story.

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Sarah Pinault said...

Speaking of Bright Stars - you have become one of the bright stars in my day so I am passing on a bautiful blogger award