Wednesday, April 14, 2010

stupid cat

The cats were not at my door last night, so I hoped that would be the last of them. But, this morning, there was the patched one, trying to get in again. Twin1 went out, put his backpack and lunch on the back steps, and then we went back inside to wait for Twin2 to be ready for school.

No idea how long we were inside.

When we came back out, his lunch was in shreds. (duh) Bits of paper bag everywhere, my homemade bread bitten into and rejected (stupid cat), and just one piece of ham left from his sandwich. That cat had eaten the cheese and most of the ham, and even bitten into his Clementine. It was a huge bite. I'd have loved to see that reaction - bite into something sour, maybe get squirted in the eye with the juice, and have the traces of bitter from the peel on teeth and tongue.
I couldn't believe my son thought it wouldn't go for his lunch, and that I hadn't thought to tell him not to leave it out there. We recycled the bag, tossed all but the ham on the compost. We did NOT let the cat have the last piece of ham. That would have been feeding it on purpose.
I threw something at it. It only skittered away for a moment, then sat down and proceeded to lick its' paws.

One of my friends suggested putting cat food out on the neighbors porch. I laughed at that yesterday, but today, I'm thinking it sounds like a good idea.

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Liz said...

hahaha! I am laughing out loud right now. What I would've given to see you guys in that situation. So hilarious. He really is a stupid cat to reject your homemade bread.