Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

I should probably have blogged this right after the event. I did not. But, he's not a huge celebrity, he's a local who happens to be a celebrity, so maybe that justifies the delay?

Hint: I, like so many girls my age at the time, wanted a pair of purple socks SO bad, just so I could be like him. (you know who you are, and you did so want a pair!)

Also, nobody over 50 should look that good. He obviously works out and takes care of himself. (I must add, though, that if that was his wife with him, this must not have been a good day. Last pictures I saw of her, she looked younger, much prettier, than whoever it was with him. Let's just assume it wasn't his wife, okay? Okay.)*
Monday night, I'm with Twin1. We have to stop at my parents, so we also stop in at Day's Market, the little local grocery store near my parents neighborhood. Which is also the nearest grocery store to the area referred to as Indian Hills, or, as I used to think of it in my younger years, that place the rich folks live. (My parents are not folks of this variety. They live just West of that area, in the older neighborhoods.) Within this affluent area, as many locals are aware, we grew a family of celebrities. A few of whom have gained greater celebrity in recent years.

Yeah, I know, you know already.

Anyway, we're wheeling our shopping cart aimlessly, sort of heading for the cereal, but maybe not exactly. I was trying to remember what we needed (vs what looked yummy, like 1/2 price Easter treats), when I looked up, and there he was, just an aisle away, headed directly toward me. And looking mighty fine in that tight black t-shirt and well-fitting jeans.

A few years back, he had some work done by my office, for his own recording studio. I didn't work on the account, but the gal that did was just across from my cubical, so I saw him all the time. But still can't say I know him well enough to say hello. So I didn't.

Instead, as he paused to ask someone where to find something (I didn't catch what), and turned down the cereal aisle himself, I steered the cart to the next aisle, suddenly remembering I needed toothpaste. And feeling a little flustered. Because, I guess, of the whole purple sock thing. (Never did get the purple socks. Like I said, we are not those rich folks. And then I guess I kind of outgrew that phase.) And maybe a little because of the tight black t-shirt thing. Maybe.

I mutter to Twin1, "yes, that was Donny Osmond", and then loudly say "oh, we need toothpaste". He says, "what? oh, well, the only song I know is the one from Mulan." (I don't know why, but I don't think of him as a recording artist, I'm still stuck on that old variety show.) The conversation wanders off into Mulan territory, and the fact that Jackie Chan did both the speaking and singing voice for his version, whereas Donny had to do the singing for the American version because the voice actor couldn't sing. (We are big Jackie Chan fans at my house, but, singing? really?) A few moments later, we're still deciding what kind of toothpaste we want, because that's a tough decision, and I never can remember what we got last time, because with only 3 of us, it takes a while to use up a family-sized tube of toothpaste, and he is at the checkout, right at the end of our aisle. Twin1 says something like "whoa, he must work out, cuz, isn't he older than you?" and then he asks how come he would be here, in Provo. He wonders if it's because Utah is such a nice, quiet place, and celebs don't get mobbed around here. We just accept them as locals (because we do, you know).

Um, he's here because he lives here. "Yeah, duh, but why?" says Twin1. Because he grew up here, and recently, settled here again. Though I think he still has a place in CA, and one in Vegas (not that I'm stalking him - you just hear these things). Twin1 is all, "he grew up here? really?" Some of my sons friends/classmates live up in the Hills, at least one lives on Osmond Lane. So I ask him just where did he think that street got its name? "Oh, sure," he says.

Later, at my parents, I tell my mom, and we're laughing at what Twin1 said about why would he live here. Mom says (without knowing we referred to Mulan earlier) "because all his ancestral gods live here".

I love that my family thinks like this.

And, seriously, he looked GOOD in that tight black t-shirt. Good enough that I could not tell you what color shoes he had on, or even if he wore shoes, or (purple) socks, or, really, anything about anything below the torso, because, it was hard to look at anything else. I'm not even sure I could tell you what kind of toothpaste we ended up with.

*Not that I'm saying he was with "another woman" - because I'm not saying that, not at all. More like "another family member". It's just that if it was his wife, this was not her best self, so I'm just saying, it can't be, because she's a lovely woman. He would never, ever, be stepping out. So don't even think that.

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