Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mute Monster Chunks

Here's my little monster chunks, but he's not got his mouth yet, hence the muteness.
He's pretty cute this way, though. Except, now that I see him here, in a picture, maybe his feets needed a tad more stuffing.

Speaking of feets, did you get what you were doing with that whole turning-inside-out-3-needle-bind-off thing? It took me a minute to see where she was going with that. Pretty clever way to seam the foot, though. If you were confused, here is how I did it:

Turn inside out, and put all the stitches onto just 2 needles. I only needed to take 4 stitches from the center needle and put 2 each onto the other 2 needles. You should have 5 stitches on each needle.
Then, you will use a 3rd needle, and knit one stitch from each needle together as you start to bind off.
Once you've knitted 2 stitches like this, pass your first stitch over the second, as for any bind-off.
Continue like that to the end, and then pass your last stitch over a loop. Cut yarn and pull through. It will look like this:

Then, though the pattern doesn't say this, turn it right side out again, so it now looks like this:

Make two, stuff 'em, and sew to your monster!

Yarn is Vanna Baby in Cherry Cherry and Bluebell

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