Saturday, April 10, 2010

krochet kiwi korrections (really)

This time, I really do have corrections. The shaping on the hind end just didn't look right to me. I ripped it back (this also allowed me to un-stuff my good stuffing, and re-stuff with the crappy stuffing. So there.) and will re-do the decrease section, staggering the decreases so it's not all pointy. I hope that will look better.

I must say, I should have done this with a smaller hook. It's not as tight as I think ami should be. Generally, when using a worsted weight for ami, you want no larger than an F hook. This called for a G, so I was obedient. Don't like how loose it is. It's the right size hook for this yarn if you're making something to wear. It's actually got some nice drape to it using the G hook. But this is a toy, and you don't want the stuffing poking out or showing between the stitches, so a smaller hook would have been much better.

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