Saturday, April 10, 2010

knit kiwi klarifications

and also some changes. After starting as written, and then reading ahead to the instructions for the beak, and looking again at where that joins to the head, I elected to start with the beak. Instead of binding off, switch to body yarn and larger needles, and go on with body from the plain round of 12 stitches. I don't like sewing stuff together later that could have just been knit together in the first place.
In the neck shaping, it should end with another w&t after p10, or you will have a hole where you turned it back around to knit.
Be sure you work tightly while shaping the neck, and then while increasing for the main body. I didn't work as tight as I should have, and I've got some pretty big holes, caused by some loose stitches.
You don't need to try to stuff the beak, just that widest part where it joins to the body, so don't worry about getting any stuffing into that when you get to stuffing.
She doesn't say what size eyes. I've only got my 6mm with me, and they're too small. I'm guessing 9mm will be about right. I'll try both 9mm and 12mm, just to see which looks better, and I'll let you know.
A couple of folks on Ravelry did i-cord legs and feet instead. I was planning to do them her way. Except, reading ahead again, you have to sew them up, the entire length of the leg. Yeah, I wanna do that. About as much as I want to poke myself in the eye. But, I do like the texture of the legs/feet, so I will probably try binding it off in a way that joins it. If that doesn't work, I'm going to have to do them in i-cord.

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