Friday, April 9, 2010

little progress this week

I'm still working on the crochet kiwi, and haven't yet started the knitted one. I'm sorry. I've just had other stuff. And no stuffing. No good stuffing, anyway. Only crappy stuffing left at home. (Why would I buy crappy stuffing? They were out of my favorite, so I chose another kind. I thought it felt similar, but I was wrong. It is definitely crappy.) But as I'm not happy with the crochet kiwi shaping, maybe he should just get stuffed with the crappy stuffing.

Anyway, been doing other stuff.

Like finishing an adorable pair of baby socks
and loving that zigzag striping effect so much, I started some for me, in the adult version of the pattern.
And frogging those and starting again, because the dang things were too big, even though I'd already started them out a size smaller because I like my socks to be able to fit, oh, let's say, inside my shoes. Without being bulky. Because I already have plenty of house socks and boot/camping socks. Really. I considered going on and giving the socks to my big sis, who has larger feet. But then I realized I was pretty worked up over these socks being too big, and they'd end up being "angry socks" with all those bad feelings permanently knit right in. She might like how they look, but she'd find herself unable to wear them. Mysteriously. As in, "they look nice, I want to wear them, but somehow, when I put them on, I'm just not happy..."

However, I promise, I will have complete kiwis by the end of the week. I'll have to stop somewhere for nice stuffing after work. I can do that. Sure.

But it will still be an angry crocheted kiwi. Because the shaping is awkward. I suspect I'm just overly picky about my shaping, though, so I'm not blaming the designer here. I just think it could have been handled differently.

Happy fiber manipulating, ladies. Hope you're having more fun with the kiwis than I am.

I'm off to knit my socks now. Because maybe they'll make me happy.

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MaineMummy said...

A friend of mine uses her husband's old socks as stuffing. Washed and cut into strips they make for really firm knit toys and her cat actually prefers the cat toys she makes when they are sock as opposed to fiber stuffed!