Friday, April 9, 2010

in which I am a bit wordy and possibly gossipy...

Yesterday, I took 1/2 day off from work, and went to help Maeser Prep strike a set (take it apart/down, clean up the stage). They get to borrow a fabulous set for Into the Woods, which will save us tons of time & money since we don't have to make our own. We'll still need to work to make it our own, and there will be some things unique to our stage, but the core of it is right there, ready to use.
Anyway, the deal was, we come help take it down, we get to use it. So I went. Took only one of the boys, the other was "busy".
This, of course, involved working with their drama teacher. Who is single, and, incidentally, possessed of all the "3E's"*.
Some of my friends know the whole scenario here. But I will sum up/describe in great detail, for the uninformed.

The first time I was really at the school, meeting teachers (and I mean, the first time), a friend of my family, and a neighbor, who has a daughter at the same school, she sees me sitting there, comes to talk to me. Sits down and says "he's single". I'm thinking, who? What are you talking about? She goes on, "the drama teacher. You guys should meet. You'd like him." WHAT!?! I'm just sitting there, minding my own business, waiting to do the parent/teacher conference thing with various teachers. I don't sit around wondering who's single and if anyone would be interested in dating me. I'm in mom mode. I'm sitting there wondering if they like my kids, not me.
She goes off to talk to some teachers (she's talkative, friendly, likes everyone - she's a great lady), including the single drama teacher. I fear she's telling him he should meet me, that we'd like each other. (Do we look desperate, or sadly single?) I think I see her pointing in my direction, but I'm trying to not pay attention. This is not how you meet someone.
Moments later, Twin1 comes out of his classroom, says his drama teacher wants to meet me.
I have a moment of sheer panic: did I have makeup on? do I have anything stuck in my teeth? what am I wearing? do I look like a "mom" or do I look...oh, wait, it's the mom he's meeting, not necessarily the single mom. I'm fine, on mom terms. I suck in my gut, and walk casually over to his classroom.
I still don't know if my friend said anything to him. But it appears he's just meeting the mom of one of his students, not looking for a date. I'm sure I'm the lone awkward one of that group. He's nice, he's a very competent teacher, and very talented.
You should hear him sing. I'm just not so excited about what he sings...Josh Groban (you are welcome to him, but I don't happen to like his stuff), Forgotten Carols (please, as if), and, of course, show tunes.
Which could mean...but apparently doesn't. As he's got a girl friend. And has had, for a couple years, from what I heard.

Except, now, he doesn't.

Yesterday, as we sat around eating ice cream, after moving the set, one of the other parents is talking to him. Getting to know him a little. I'm talking to the kids, joking around with the young people. But I wander his direction because I want to ask him about some stuff, about the play. And I hear her asking him "so, 30 to 40?" he sort of nods, shrugs, she says "any particular religious persuasion?" he says he's LDS, so yes, he'd prefer LDS (well, duh!). I'm trying not to listen, when I realize what she's asking him. She starts to say she's not trying to pry. (Can anyone tell me why all the "happily married" folks always want to get their single friends together? in theory, anyway, as I have yet to be actually set up on a date during this stage of my singleness.) I hear him say he was dating someone, for about 2 years, but now that's over. I'm feeling uncomfortable. I just stand there, eating my ice cream. Thankfully, she drops the subject. And I get to ask him my questions. I feel lame. And awkward.
I fear I heard myself mentioned just before I wandered over. I thought he was just talking about my involvement with the play the previous year, and how he wants more parent involvement this year. But now, I wonder. And I am going to stop wondering. Because it doesn't matter.

Last year, I worked with this man for about two weeks straight, starting just with evenings (rehearsals, during which he was coaching/directing and I was fitting costumes), but then through a couple all-day rehearsals, and every performance of the play, which was extended an extra night. I helped with whatever he needed, had to tell him I could do whatever, had to suggest that he let me do something, because he's one of those that just tries to do it all himself. It went well. On the last night, he called me up on stage, in front of everyone, to thank me. Gave me roses (the only flowers I'd gotten from anyone, since I don't know when), a certificate for a nail place, a card from him and the cast/crew. He said nice things about me, gave me a hug. In front of an audience. (Where was the girlfriend? Not sure...I don't know if she came to any of the performances. Plus, he moved to a new apartment somewhere in all that, and, I'm not sure, but I don't think she helped him move. In fact, I thought I overheard something about her not even knowing he was moving. But that can't be right.) His shoulder fit nicely under my (sweaty) armpit. I think I was not even wearing shoes at that point. Anyway. He's an affectionate type. Hugs people.

So, here we are, a year later, about to start into the intense part of putting on a high school play. A few weeks back, he asks me, during parent/teacher conf, if I can recruit more parents to help, coordinate that for him. Because, he says, I was just so much help, and he could have used about three of me, and he knows he needs to learn to delegate (common problem for the older single crowd; we tend to be very independent, possibly controlling), and could he ask me to help him with that? Which of course, I am happy to do. Because it gives me more time with my boys. And it's fun to work backstage. Plus, he is very talented, very good with the kids, and a pretty nice guy.

Because of all this (in my rambling summing up) my office mate, and some others of you, seem to think "something" will happen between us.

I've got to tell you, I just don't think so. (Partly that whole Josh Groban thing, partly the shortness thing, also, just, I don't think so...)

However, for your sakes, I'll try to keep an open mind. (I just don't think he's interested in anything more than my ability to run errands and come up with just the right tie for that ugly-color suit.)

*3E's=Endowed, Employed, Educated

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Michelle said...

ohhhhh this was a fun read! I think you have the right attitude-- open mind but not expecting anything to happen. Thanks SO much for the update!!!