Saturday, April 17, 2010

Luscious Lime, nice finish

Here's the lime, as promised.
(Phew! So glad I got caught up!)

Also, as promised, here is how to do a nice finish in crochet:

Finish off with a slip stitch to the next stitch. Cut yarn, and thread end into a yarn needle. Make sure your yarn end is coming out from the center of one stitch, ready to sew into the next. We will work only in the front loops of the last round.
Insert your needle from the outside, under the first outside loop, and come out in the middle of the stitch.
Repeat in each stitch around.
Then, insert needle in center, and bring yarn out the side.
Stitch over one part of a sc, and back out the side a few inches away.
Pull tight, and clip yarn.
The dimple should pop back out, and the yarn end pull back inside. If not, squeeze the lime (or whatever it is you've got) a little until it does.
Voila! The end looks very similar to the beginning.

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