Saturday, April 17, 2010

Year of Ami, week 13, M is for Many!

Many choices, that is. Much muttering and musings on the choices for "M".

For the crochet choices, I remembered this one was out there for free, and not just in the book (I love Creepy Cute Crochet), so we can do this Monkey in a Fez!
But, wait, I've always wanted to make the Moptop Mascots, too. And then there are these adorable Monsties. This Manta Ray is really, there is a knit Manta Ray, so I could have done same-same. Except, I'm not in love with the knitted ones shape...I like this not-free knit Manta Ray much better.
Speaking of knit, this Star-Nosed Mole may be a challenge, but I really want one. It says it's easy, but then I think, "look at all those parts and pieces", and I want to make something more in one piece, something simple. (Also, do I really want to felt something again? There are still two more knitted grass that need felting, and you haven't seen them getting anywhere, so it's doubtful.)
I've been eyeing this Friendly Stash Moth (you stuff him partly with lavender or other moth-repellent herb, so he's functional), but he's got parts and pieces, too. Could the usefulness out-weigh the sewing together of parts? Hmmm.
I'm very tempted by this adorable Marisol Mouse. But, again, parts and pieces. Smaller, yes, but still things-that-need-sewing-on-after. Speaking of mice, I could have gone with super-easy, and done these: Miss Mouse to knit, and Little Mouse to crochet.

But, in the end, I've got to go with my long admired crochet choice of Moptop Mascots (who I think look just like Fraggles...),
and to knit, the seriously adorable Monster Chunks!

(oh, man, if you like monsters, or have someone in your family who's crazy about them, there are so many freebie patterns out there, for so many different kinds of monsters...)

Sorry for meandering so much. It took a lot of thinking to narrow this down, and I figured, why not let you see some of the stuff that goes through my head? Why not, indeed.

*pics of my own creations added after-the-fact*

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