Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Minute Mop Top

First, let me say that, when I crochet ami, I work pretty tight. Which is okay, because you don't want stuffing coming out, you want a good tight fabric without holes. I can loosen up when I crochet something like a doily or slippers, really. But for ami, I work nice and tight.
Because I work so tightly, I had a little trouble getting the eyes into this little fella. It calls for 8mm, which means I used 9mm, because, though it may be different elsewhere in the world, I can only get safety eyes in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, etc. They don't seem to come in sizes that are not a multiple of 3mm. Anyway, though I could see I had some with smaller stems, I couldn't find the backs for those (a while ago, mom found me a whole bag of safety eyes, assorted colors, styles, sizes, at Savers, for super-cheap, and not all of them had matching backs, which is okay for some projects, just not crochet), so I had to use the others with the fat stems.
Fat stems that took a great deal of effort to insert into my tightly crocheted Mop Top head. Fat stems that were too long for such a small head, and they pushed against each other in such a way as to distort the head. So I had to set it aside until I could get some wire cutters at home to chop the ends off. This worked nicely, and I was able to finish the head.
Then, while working the body, I kept wondering, "Just how small is this little dude, anyway?"
Well, let me tell you, he's small. See?

Then, when I showed it to my boys, they both said, "Lemmings!" and then showed me the picture of the lemmings from some game or other. These pictures showed that my color choices were wrong. Both boys said I could just make another, using dark blue for the "clothing", and green for the hair. What they fail to understand about that is: I don't want to make another. Parts and pieces, folks. Too many. Too much startstopstartstop. Don't like it.

Please, dear designers, if you must have parts and pieces, could they just please, pretty please, be joined on as you go? Thanks.

Pieces and parts aside, this pattern was easy to follow, and the end result sure is cute.

I'm considering tacking the arms in place behind it, as though it's standing politely, or hiding a bunch of Mother's Day flowers behind its back. It has issues with standing on its own. Not sure how to fix that.

Yarn: Vanna in Beige, Vanna Baby in Bluebell, and Fun Fur in Cotton Candy

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