Monday, May 10, 2010

little bit of everything...

The finished olives!

For today, this is all you're getting. I've got a little client work to do before I take off again for the school.

When I have a minute, I'll tell you all about Prom (what little I know about the Twins' dates, and where I was and who I was with...because I wasn't at home, nor was I alone...though I could just be teasing you)

The play, the play, the play. Seems like that's all I've been doing for so long, I don't remember what else it is that I do. Do I have a job? (oh, why, yes, I do) Do I have a social life? (um, sort of, but not much. and the way I'm behaving lately, I fear for my social future) Housework? (as much as I ever did, I guess)

If you live in Utah County, be sure you come out to see Maeser's production of Into The Woods this week. May 13-15, 7pm, at Maeser Prep, 531 N State, Lindon, UT (next to Lindon Nursery). Tickets are $5 student/child, $7 adult.

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Liz said...

So who were you with?? Do tell. Do we need to buy tickets in advance for the play? I think it would be fun to take my family to it.