Tuesday, May 25, 2010

no, really, I've been busy...

knitting and crocheting, and even sewing. Really! I have proof!

I have made the Pod and one Pea:
(note on the pattern for the peas: the directions say to purl a row that is a right side row, even though the photo clearly shows a smooth knit pea surface. I chose to knit that row. Also, I'm wishing I'd not made my pod quite so long, as I'm sure it will take at least 5 peas to fill it properly. I did what the pattern said, and it only shows 3 peas, but you can see here how little space one pea takes.)

I have started on my Pea Babe:
(yes, that is size 5 pearl cotton and a size 6 steel crochet hook. I had a hard time finding the colors I wanted, and this is what worked. It was a bit wavy after all the increase rounds - probably I should have adjusted hook size or something - but now that I've done a few rounds even, it's not wavy. So if yours does that, don't panic.)

I'm making fairly good progress on my little Quart of Milk:
(pattern does not call for working in the round, that's just me, hating sewing seams. First I knitted the base square in white, then, with blue, I picked up and knitted stitches along the sides and other end. Then I purled on the next round instead, and from there, knit every round, except for the purl stitches at the corners. I had to adjust where those were on two corners, which for some reason did not look like they lined up with the corners on the bottom. I had to do the M I L K with separate strands for each row (duh), but could have duplicate stitched it instead. I'm using worsted weight on size 5's, and expect it will turn out roughly quart-sized.)

and the main part, the meaty part (and part of the shell), of my Quahog is already done, too:
(is that not just the cutest little thing? I likes it. Clam portion of pattern says "with shell color", but of course, it meant to say "with body color". Maybe they were thinking of the actual color, which is sort of a shell pink?)

Plus, I pieced the top for a table runner. But I can't show you that, because I pieced it just in time to show off in RS, and then our committee leader took it home with her. I used this pattern, and made mine in red, white, and blue. I already have plans to make another in fall fabrics, and possibly one in pink/red.

See? Busy. Very busy.

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Michelle said...

my fingers are sore and tired just looking at all you've been up to! :)