Friday, May 14, 2010

Opening Night

You know what? When you're needed back stage, you don't get to actually see the performance. You'd think by this time I'd be tired of this musical, but, I haven't actually seen it. Just parts of it. And most of that, not in full costume or with lights or anything. Tonight, I hope to get out there and watch at some point. I'm truly needed back in the dressing area a couple of times to help with mike changes, and a couple of fast costume changes - at one point, I'm on stage left, then quickly to stage right, and then speed back to stage left again. It's not on a regular stage, it's in the middle of the school, so the only way to get from one side to the other, is to go around the building. It's fun. Really. I'm getting a great workout.
Along with that, I have to occasionally chase down an actor who isn't where they should be, or a prop that was left on the wrong side of the stage.
So, really, I've not seen much of the show yet.
But, I hear it's great. You should come. Maeser Prep, 531 N State, Lindon, 7:30pm. $5 student/child, $7 adult, tickets available at the door. Come early. Doors open at 7pm, and last night, we had to add extra chairs along the sides. Seriously.

On another note...

After we finished last night, our fabulous hair and make-up lady, Julie Crow Williams, who is a long-time (married) friend of Cam's, practically dragged Cam out the door to feed him and refresh him, leaving the bulk of the after-play mess as-is.

He invited me to join them.


You know what happened.

I came home and watched "He's Just Not That Into You" - my latest Netflix delivery.

I am so lame.

(Though, possibly, watching that film gave me a little perspective on what I'm doing wrong, and how not to end up wasting my valuable dating time with the wrong guy. Because, you know, I just date so much, and, you know, it's a serious problem for me. Besides, Netflix comes when they say they will, they email to see if I enjoyed the movie, and they check to see if the movie arrived in a timely manner. All good dating practices. If only Netflix was a man, we might have something there. (Are you buying any of this?))

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Michelle said...

sigh. I wish I had been there to shove you to that place with him. Just to see. You are aware enough of what he may not feel for you that you won't make an idiot of yourself. I swear. Promise me if you ever get asked again you WILL go. Even if you swear it is an outing promising social awkwardness in all forms. You need to do it for YOU.