Saturday, May 15, 2010

Things to know...

about Cam:

He doesn't like Billy Idol. When I requested Dancing With Myself one night while we worked on the set, he instantly came back with "No! No Billy Idol!" I happen to like Billy. (I was even a fan of Generation X) I was fortunate enough to attend a concert during his Devil's Playground tour about 5 years ago. I was all of 15 feet or so away from the stage. Nobody over 50 should look that good. It was awesome. (He does like Josh Groban. Could it get any more polar opposite?)

He is, apparently, currently obsessed with the Jason Mraz song I'm Yours. One must question why, at this particular time, he wants to learn this song by heart. (I like the song. I'm confused by the video - it seems to not relate to the words. Isn't he running away, leaving someone, in the video? Nice tune, though.) And, I must tell you, Cam's voice is amazing. Swoon-worthy, actually. He can sing anything he wants, I could listen all day.

His mother owns a fabric store. He tells me this as we're draping various surfaces in fabrics on stage. Then he says, "so, if you ever need any fabric.." I tell him that's really not something he wants to offer me. I can tell he is not a fabriholic when he asks if I just really like fabric. If we were to date, or whatever, this would be something akin to Anna Hrachovec of MochiMochi Land, and her mother-in-laws massive yarn stash. And yet, I somehow manage not to shamelessly flirt with this man.

Yesterday, he complimented my shoes:
(I love these shoes...)

Tonight, after the show, as we were leaving, he failed to introduce me to whoever-she-was that he left with. (Could I feel any more foolish about all of this?)

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